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Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) is an open-ended investment trust currently invested in large-scale,
energy-producing cash flow projects across Ontario, Canada.

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-- The Skyline Clean Energy Fund is Currently Open For Investments --

Investment Summary

12-Month Total Return

10.7% [1]



Minimum Investment


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Information Sheet

Skyline Clean Energy Fund PDF Product Summary Sheet

*Find out more about investor accreditation here, and why accreditation is a requirement.

Geographic Location of Solar Assets

Geographic Location of Solar Assets in Ontario. With pin points at Murillo(Thunder Bay), Sturgeon Falls, West Nipissing, Cache Bay, Kearney, Earlton, Old Castle, Tecumseh, Belle River, London, Waterford, Dundalk, Pontypool, Thomasburg, Newburgh, Brockville, McDonalds Corners, Renfrew

Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) is an equity investment fund comprised of renewable energy-producing assets backed by long-term power purchase contracts.

The Fund targets both stabilized and distressed assets offering accretive returns generated through stable cash flows in strong energy markets. The Fund’s Asset Manager aims to implement margin enhancement initiatives, manage system performance and improve system optimization to increase cash flows. By maximizing the performance, each asset increases in value. leading to equity growth and the acquisitions of new assets.

The Fund is eligible to registered accounts and aims to be isolated from the public market volatility. The Fund aims to provide unitholders with a growth equity investment, to maximize unit value through the ongoing management of the Fund’s assets, future acquisition, repositioning and disposition of assets and to have a positive impact on the future of energy and the environment.

The Fund’s strategy for building value for its unitholders is to seek out and acquire or develop high-quality clean energy assets and businesses that generate sustainable, growing cash flows, with the objective of achieving appropriate risk adjusted returns over the long-term.

Investment Highlights

Growth Potential

Monthly Unit Value Assessment

Current Unit Price

$11.07 current unit price.

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Renewable and Sustainable Product

Fund built upon the production of renewable and sustainable energy. Purchasing ground and rooftop solar panels that are backed by a 20-year government Feed-In Tariff (FIT) contract to purchase the solar energy it produces, providing stable and predictable cash flows.

100% Canadian Green Energy Investment

You are investing in 100% Canadian green energy portfolio & management companies.

$50K Minimum Investment

Minimum investment amount of $50,000.

Investment Summary

Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) is a private investment company currently invested in large-scale, energy-producing cash flow projects across Ontario, Canada. Each project generates emissions-free power, and each is backed by a 20-year government contract to purchase the solar energy generated. SCEF’s objective for its investors is to generate a positive social and environmental impact alongside the potential for attractive financial returns, through the combination of cash-flowing revenues from solar and other alternative assets, and further growth opportunity through the re-investment of that cash flow into other private investment opportunities. Investors will benefit from Skyline’s track record, experience, and proficiency in private investment solutions to invest in green technologies and other alternative products.

The use of proceeds from the initial equity raise for SCEF will be used to acquire nineteen (19) identical rooftop solar projects in rural areas across Ontario, described below. These solar retrofits on the roofs of large purpose-built buildings (barns) were designed, installed and continue to be managed and maintained by Anvil Crawler Development Corp.. Each of the projects is backed by a 20-year government Feed-In Tariff (FIT) contract to purchase the solar energy it produces at a rate of $0.329/kWh with an anticipated annual production rate of7,182,000 kWh. Both the purpose-built building and the rooftop solar technology are owned by SCEF with an agreement that the interior of the barn is leased back to the landowner for the duration of the FIT contracts. At the end of the contract, SCEF maintains ownership of the rooftop installation, and the landowner retains the building.

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[1] The Annualized Return since inception (May 3, 2018) is 8.50%.


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