Skyline Apartment REIT

Invest in a private real estate investment trust comprised of multi-residential buildings across Canada. An investment with stable historical returns.

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Annualized Return 3

1 Year: 15.41%

3 Year: 20.58%

5 Year: 19.29%

10 Year: 16.79%

Inception: 14.80%
(June 1, 2006)

Launched in 2006, Skyline Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is an income-producing opportunity to invest in a 100% Canadian diversified portfolio of primarily multi-family residential properties in secondary and tertiary markets with capital growth potential.

The objectives of the REIT are to provide investors with monthly cash returns and to increase the unit value by managing the current assets and acquiring new properties.

The portfolio is supported by an award-winning management team with an impressive track record of consistently delivering stable monthly distributions to its investors.

This investment is available to accredited investors and eligible investors.


Monthly Income

Monthly distributions or Distribution
Re-investment Plan (DRIP) available.

Capital Growth Potential

Potential for investment value to increase over time.

Registered Fund Eligible (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, etc.)

Maximize your returns by investing through existing or new Registered accounts.

Potential Tax Efficiency

Skyline Apartment REIT may be a tax-efficient investment choice.

Geographic Portfolio Diversification

Diversified portfolio of Canadian multi-residential properties.

$50,000 Minimum Investment

Minimum of $50,000 required for initial investment.

No Redemption Fees 4

No surprise costs or fees upon redemption.

100% Canadian

You’re investing in 100% Canadian multi-residential real estate.


Skyline recognizes its responsibility to its communities, to its people, and to the environment. Learn more


$4.2+ B


As at March 31st, 2022


Apartment Suites

As at March 31st, 2022


Unit Price 5

As at May 11th, 2022



As at May 11th, 2022


As mentioned above, Skyline’s investments are all considered private alternative investments and don’t trade on the public markets. Instead, all of Skyline’s investments are purchased within the Exempt Market. As such, investors need to meet certain eligibility requirements to invest with Skyline Wealth.

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[1] Current Annual Yield is equal to the annual distribution per unit divided by the current unit value. As at May 11th, 2022. Back to Content

[2] Unaudited figure. As at March 31st, 2022. Back to Content

[3] The annualized return is based on a single unit initial investment in the Skyline Apartment REIT inclusive of unit price changes and reinvested distributions. As at May 11th, 2022. Back to Content

[4] A transaction fee may apply if your account is held by a third-party registered plan, trustee or dealer. Back to Content

[5] Unit value is determined by a Net Asset Value (NAV) model based on evaluations by Senior Management and the Skyline Apartment REIT Board of Trustees. Back to Content


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