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Skyline Wealth Management Inc. (“Skyline Wealth”), is the Exempt Market Dealer and exclusive Wealth Manager for the Skyline Group of Companies (“Skyline”) investment products. Skyline Wealth is a related company and the investments that we offer are considered related issuers due to the proximity in which we operate.

Here at Skyline Wealth, we are a dedicated team of wealth management and compliance professionals who work diligently to ensure we’re providing a dedicated, engaging and empowering investment experience.

With over $3 billion1 of investor equity under management, we pride ourselves on offering investors a unique investment experience; helping to cut out much of the noise and emotion of what many investors can come to experience in the public markets. All of the investments that Skyline Wealth offers are considered alternative investments, providing access to investments that are de-correlated from the public markets, and driven by the underlying asset value.

Our commitment to our investors is to provide trusted advice2 and long-term investment excellence while building and strengthening extraordinary client relationships3. We believe investing should be enjoyable, engaging and rewarding – learn about our investment philosophy.

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[2] In 2018 and 2020, SWMI completed two Investor Surveys and investors commented on their level of comfort and satisfaction with their relationship to their primary advisor and the communication SWMI offers. Back to Content

[3] In 2018, SWMI completed two Investor Surveys and received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 69; in 2020 the NPS was 68.  NPS can range from -100 to +100; a score of 50-69 is considered “excellent” with regard to client satisfaction, retention rate and fuelling referrals. Back to Content

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Here at Skyline Wealth, we believe investing doesn’t have to be complicated. Our investment products aim to reduce portfolio volatility, offer tax-efficient and growth-oriented investment options all while working towards our collective goal of maximizing value for our investors.

All of the investments that Skyline Wealth offers are private alternative investments – meaning they don’t trade on the public markets. By keeping Skyline investments private, it means investors holdings remain de-correlated from public markets, provide a historically stable investment experience and help to provide greater peace of mind while working towards your investment goals. Additionally, by keeping the investments private, it means that the real assets form the basis of the value of our investor’s holdings – not market sentiment. We here at Skyline Wealth think that real assets such as real estate should be valued by its underlying value and not be emotionally priced by the stock market. Instead, we think that real estate has an inherent value driven by how the property is maintained and managed, combined with the revenues generated from rent or alternative revenue streams such as solar panels.

The investment products that Skyline Wealth exclusively offers to investors are value-driven diversification options for your investment portfolios. Investing a portion of your portfolio into investments that don’t frequently fluctuate in value allows you the freedom to enjoy your daily life without worrying about market sentiment or news, knowing a portion of your holdings is hard at work regardless of that morning’s market debrief. We believe that investing should be enjoyable, engaging and rewarding; what kind of lifestyle do you want?

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In 1991, while attending university, brothers Jason and Martin Castellan were living together in a rental house with friends. Reflecting on their living situation, they soon realized that owning their own home and renting rooms out would help to offset their ownership costs and in turn, create a profit. What started as an idea to save money as students, turned into a lifestyle and core belief system that would transcend the next 20 years and $5.4+ billion1 worth of real estate and solar assets under management. During the 1990s, that one student house grew into 52 individual student rental houses, each owned and maintained by the two brothers as well as their close friend who had joined them in this venture (R. Jason Ashdown) – this group would eventually become Skyline’s co-founders. As the number of student rentals grew, and apartment buildings were beginning to be added to this budding real estate portfolio, the co-founders were experiencing inefficiencies with managing so many stand-alone properties. They, therefore, sought to consolidate resources, focus on apartment buildings instead of individual houses and take their business to the next level.

In 1999, with a growing portfolio of apartment buildings, Skyline (now referred to as the “Skyline Group of Companies”) was officially launched. Over the next few years, Skyline continued acquiring apartment buildings as individual entities. In 2005, Wayne Byrd joined the C-Suite as Skyline’s CFO, helping to catapult Skyline into its next chapter. Just as they had realized early on in their careers of property management, Skyline started to experience new inefficiencies in owning and operating individual and unrelated apartment buildings, which prompted Skyline to transition into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) structure. 2006 was the launch of the Skyline Apartment REIT; allowing investors access to a growing pool of real estate, rather than one property at a time.

As the Skyline Apartment REIT grew, so too did the Skyline team and their credibility in the marketplace. Increasingly, Skyline was presented with other types of real estate opportunities to add to the Skyline Apartment REIT. However, the co-founders didn’t want to force investors to hold various types of real estate within one product, and instead sought to offer diversified investment offerings, putting the choice into the investors hands of what they wanted to invest into; the Skyline Industrial REIT was launched in 2012, and the Skyline Retail REIT was launched in 2013.

As the real estate portfolios continued to grow, other efficiency opportunities began to arise. Opportunities such as installing solar panels on buildings roofs to help generate alternative revenue streams. Since installing the first solar panels in the Skyline Apartment REITs, now all three of the REITs have solar revenue within them, helping to drive bottom-line returns. Combining this firsthand industry knowledge and experience with strong relationships built within the industry, Skyline launched the Skyline Clean Energy Fund 2 to provide access to the established and growing green energy production and storage sector. Skyline Clean Energy Fund was launched in 2017, providing investors access to a growth-oriented, private equity investment.

Skyline Wealth is the exclusive Wealth Manager for all the Skyline’s investment products. Learn more about Skyline Wealth or start your journey with us by getting in touch.

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[2] Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) was previously launched as Skyline Private Opportunities Corporation. Back to Content


The information provided within this Website is for general information purposes only, and does not constitute an offer of, or solicitation for, the purchase and sale of any securities, or advice under any circumstances. Skyline Wealth Management Inc. (“Skyline Wealth”) is an Exempt Market Dealer registered in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Québec, The Territory of Nunavut, and Saskatchewan. Important information with respect to the funds are set out in their confidential offering documents, which should be reviewed prior to investing, as they include important information on fees and risk factors. There is no active market through which the securities may be sold, and redemption requests may be subject to monthly redemption limits. The payment of distributions is not guaranteed and may fluctuate. The payment of distributions should not be confused with an exempt market product’s performance. Distributions paid as a result of capital gains realized by an exempt market product, and income and dividends earned are taxable in your hands in the year they are paid. Your adjusted cost base will be reduced by the amount of any returns of capital. If your adjusted cost base goes below zero, you will have to pay capital gains tax on the amount below zero. Prospective investors must make an independent assessment of such matters in consultation with their own professional advisors. Sales of interests in any investments offered by Skyline Wealth are only made to certain eligible investors pursuant to regulatory requirements and available exemptions. Some of the investment products offered by Skyline Wealth are from related issuers. A full list of issuers related to Skyline Wealth and details of the relationship between them is available upon request. Information provided herein is current as at the date of publication and Skyline Wealth does not undertake to advise the reader of any changes.