Canadian clean energy investing

Learn about clean energy investing in Canada

Renewable energy investing may assist you in achieving the lifestyle you want. Discover why sustainable investments may not only benefit the environment, but could potentially also enhance your investment portfolio.

Download Skyline Wealth’s guide and learn the benefits of clean energy investing.

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What is Clean Energy Investing?

Clean energy investing supports the advancement of systems that use renewable, non-polluting sources, such as solar, wind, and organic waste, to generate power.

Examples of clean energy investments:

  • Skyline Clean Energy Solar
  • Skyline Biogas Investment
  • Skyline Clean Energy Battery Storage
    Battery Storage
  • Skyline EV Charging Station
    EV Charging Station
  • Skyline Clean Energy Fund Tidal or Hydro
    Tidal or Hydro

Clean energy investments are a type of sustainable investment

Sustainable investing is growing, performing, and influencing the investment world. When you invest in clean energy, you’re participating in an opportunity that may generate attractive returns, with far-reaching environmental benefits.

Canadian clean energy investing with Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Invest in a fund comprised of Canadian clean energy assets with historically stable investor returns.

  • Privately managed investment product
  • Guaranteed government and corporate contracts
  • Low correlation to public market volatility
  • Focus on clean energy assets in diverse locations across Canadian provinces (Ontario, Alberta)
  • Portfolio comprised of solar energy systems and biogas facilities
  • Revenue generation through clean energy production under long-term contracts, waste management from local municipalities, and renewable natural gas (RNG)

Support a better future for Canadian generations to come by supporting the production of clean, renewable energy to power our homes and workplaces. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an investment with proven historical growth and stability.

Available to accredited investors only.

Download Guide to Clean Energy Investing

Your manual for investing in Canadian clean energy assets

Download the guide to learn:

  • Who is responsible for building Canada’s clean energy infrastructure?
  • What is the growth rate of clean energy infrastructure in Canada?
  • What are some ways to invest in clean energy in Canada?
  • What are the risks associated with clean energy investing?
  • Should you consider investing in Skyline Clean Energy Fund?

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Skyline Guide to Clean Energy Investing