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Skyline Wealth is a boutique investment firm offering investors exclusive access to unique alternative investment strategies. We pride ourselves in offering the everyday investor access to institutional quality assets and investment portfolios. Our comprehensive approach to alternative investment products will change the way you look at investing!

Here at Skyline Wealth, we believe investing doesn’t have to be complicated. Our investment products aim to reduce portfolio volatility, offer tax-efficient and growth-oriented investment options all while working towards our collective goal of maximizing value for our investors.

All the investments that Skyline Wealth offers are private alternative investments – meaning they don’t trade on the public markets. Learn more about how we’re working with investors to optimize their portfolios so they’re able to enjoy the lifestyle they want, without worrying about public market volatility – About Us


Skyline Wealth is proud to be the exclusive Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) for the Skyline Group of Companies’ (Skyline) investment offerings. The investments that Skyline Wealth offers, have a consistent history of stable, de-correlated and positive year-over-year returns to our investors. We’re pleased to offer investments that provide true portfolio diversification; allowing a portion of your invested assets to not trend with the public markets. Our focus here at Skyline Wealth is to offer investors a detailed and easy to understand investment approach, putting a portion of your portfolio hard to work while helping to free your time up for the things that matter; what kind of lifestyle do you want?

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Skyline Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust


Skyline Apartment REIT is one of Canada’s fastest-growing private multi-residential real estate portfolios; offering investors monthly cash flow and capital growth potential.

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Skyline Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust


Skyline Commercial REIT is a diverse portfolio of 100% Canadian light industrial and manufacturing real-estate; offering investors monthly cash flow and capital growth potential. 

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Skyline Retail Real Estate Investment Trust


Skyline Retail REIT is a diversified portfolio of retail properties with a focus on trusted national brands with long-term leases; offering investors monthly cash flow and capital growth potential.

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Skyline Clean Energy Fund


Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) is focused on renewable, green energy-producing assets backed by long-term government agreements; offering investors capital growth.

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Skyline Mortgage Investment Trust


Skyline Mortgage Investment Trust (SMIT) is a blended portfolio of short-term mortgages on multi-residential and commercial real estate; offering investors monthly income.

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