Lisa Boudreau Client Services Supervisor, Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

Lisa joined Skyline Wealth in 2015 and is currently managing a team of Associates in her role as Client Services Supervisor, Skyline Wealth Management Inc.. Lisa oversees the day-to-day activities of the Associates as they provide support to the Advisory team. In addition, Lisa excels at campaign analysis and reporting. She is responsible for managing and maintaining investor documentation while assisting in the continuous improvement of processes, procedures, and communications. Lisa also acts as an intermediary with Skyline Stakeholders/Departments such as Marketing & Finance to ensure timely communication and transparency.

Formerly a Skyline Wealth Advisor and Associate, Lisa has used her widespread experience in customer service, as well as her administration and advisory skills, to deepen relationships with Skyline Wealth’s investors. Lisa believes that exceptional support, administration, and operations are fundamental to creating a positive investor experience, and applies each of these aspects in her role.