Christian Kyriazis Senior Marketing Coordinator, Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

As the Senior Marketing Coordinator, Christian oversees the production and execution of Skyline Wealth’s marketing initiatives and campaign development that aim to enhance the investor experience.  His work within Skyline Wealth includes collaborating with a cross-functional marketing team to coordinate work efforts to completion, support national events, develop investor conferences, create email marketing automation programs, generate market research on current investors, and develop marketing plans for a variety of investor-focused initiatives.

Christian has over four years of marketing experience. He has formerly worked as a Marketing Compliance & Digital Marketing Strategist for Skin Vitality, a prominent Canadian cosmetic healthcare network. His responsibilities included identifying and resolving serious marketing tracking issues, developing and implementing strategies to improve the ROI of Google and Facebook ad campaigns, reducing overall campaign production time, and improving efficiency through asset standardization, attention to detail, and the formalization of the planning processes.

Christian holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Guelph. His critical thinking and drive for continuous improvement enables him to solve complex tasks and function more effectively. In his role, he aims to expand the foundation of investor-focused marketing initiatives to further improve upon Skyline Wealth’s investor experience.