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Ray Punn Head Shot

Ray Punn
Vice President, Wealth Solutions

Ray is an experienced professional with leadership and management experience in both public and private sectors including the Financial, Automotive, and Private Equity industries. His well-balanced leadership expertise centres on strategic, sustainable growth and profitability, all while bringing exceptional client service.

Ray leads a comprehensive team of Advisors and has a deep understanding of how each component of wealth management contributes to the overarching goal of exceptional investor experiences. He oversees the strategy and implementation of initiatives that foster and maintain an active, engaged investor base through both new business client generation and current client engagement.

Ray and his team are building long-term partnerships with their valued investors, proudly providing unique private investment opportunities that are grounded in the real estate and sustainable investing spaces.

Profile Image of Megan SpeersMeagan Speers
Advisor, Wealth Solutions

A valued member of Skyline Wealth since 2012, Meagan began forging engaging and detail oriented client relationships from Day One. Helping clients understand their investment goals and providing dedicated service is paramount to her. Meagan values the opportunity to engage with clients about anything from investment questions, to hearing updates about what the grandkids have been up to.

Meagan began her investing journey when she received her first paycheque. At the time, her father helped her set money aside to invest in small increments – something at the time she thought everyone did! In 2008, while Meagan was in university, the global recession had begun. While most of her peers continued writing term papers and studying for exams, she was on the library pay phone asking if she could borrow money from her parents for buying opportunities she saw in the markets. She came to realize that the investment knowledge she took for granted as second nature, was in fact an area of stress and uncertainty for many people.

Helping investors gain understanding and clarity in their financial matters has always been a rewarding part of the client experience for Meagan. She prides herself on her customer service and detailed approach when working with clients and colleagues alike.

Profile Image of Lisa BoudreauLisa Boudreau
Client Services Supervisor, Wealth Solutions

Lisa joined Skyline Wealth in 2015 and is currently managing a team of Associates in her role as Client Services Supervisor, Wealth Solutions. Lisa oversees the day-to-day activities of the Associates as they provide support to the Advisory team. In addition, Lisa excels at campaign analysis and reporting. She is responsible for managing and maintaining investor documentation while assisting in the continuous improvement of processes, procedures, and communications. Lisa also acts as an intermediary with Skyline Stakeholders/Departments such as Marketing & Finance to ensure timely communication and transparency.

Formerly a Skyline Wealth Advisor and Associate, Lisa has used her widespread experience in customer service, as well as her administration and advisory skills, to deepen relationships with Skyline Wealth’s investors. Lisa believes that exceptional support, administration, and operations are fundamental to creating a positive investor experience, and applies each of these aspects in her role.


Profile Image of Jeff TeeterJeff Teeter
Senior Advisor, Wealth Solutions

With over ten years of experience in the real estate investment space, Jeff has had the opportunity to work on a broad range of strategic initiatives. He believes in the efficacy of private investing not only for large sovereign wealth funds and pension funds, but for the retail investor, and is proud to offer unique private equity solutions that can provide superior returns.

Jeff has a deep understanding of the “why” behind an investor’s financial goals, and focuses on building rapport and trust with clients through a straightforward, honest and conversational approach to investment strategy. He strives to be of service to everyone he meets, whether in business, sports, financially, or on a personal level. His mandate is to use his private investment industry expertise to leave every client better for working with him.

Profile Image of Shelly WhiteShelley White
Advisor, Wealth Solutions

Shelley has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, which includes 25 years working directly with clients to ensure their investment portfolios are providing them with peace of mind. This experience has given her the vast industry knowledge to work with investors from all walks of life.

Shelley believes that every client has a story, and being attuned to the “whole picture” of an investor’s life is the best way to forge a path to help clients achieve their investment goals. She understands that an investor’s goals and financial plans are ever-changing, dependent on age, celebration milestones, retirement and career changes, and more. Therefore, her client relationship management style is based on frequent communication and ensuring her clients’ funds are working for them in the most efficient way possible.

Talking about finances and investments isn’t always easy. Shelley’s goal as an Advisor is to develop rapport and trust with her clients so that they can have an open and comfortable conversation about their lifestyle goals, and walk away with a sense of confidence and empowerment in their financial future.

Profile Image of Vivian Salonga

Vivian Salonga
Chief Compliance Officer

As Chief Compliance Officer, Vivian oversees all compliance and operations-related functions within Skyline Wealth.

Vivian first joined Skyline in 2017 with 16 years of experience in the investment industry. By overseeing the Skyline Wealth compliance program, including all internal administrative processes, marketing and communications materials, and ongoing client services, she ensures that all of Skyline Wealth’s activities and its registrants meet the applicable Canadian and provincial regulations.

Vivian believes in compliance’s function as a partnership and valuable asset to the sales/advisory component of wealth management, and she strives to streamline efficiencies at every level of Skyline Wealth, ultimately creating more investment opportunities and building strong client relationships.

Reuven Harrouch Advisor, Wealth SolutionsReuven Harrouch
Advisor, Wealth Solutions

Reuven’s career in wealth management includes experience in financial services and investing spanning across various advisory positions. Since 2014, he has worked with high net worth investors in providing both self-directed investment advisory services and portfolio management . Reuven has a broad understanding of the full spectrum of investments available to Canadians, from traditional stocks and bonds; to hard assets such as real estate; to digital assets such as cryptocurrency.

Reuven takes a simplified and personable approach to his role as an Advisor. He places importance on staying up to date with the ‘bigger picture’ of wealth management solutions within the industry as a whole, and how it relates to the value of Skyline’s investment products. He believes in educating and empowering his clients to make the best possible investment choices for their specific financial goals. To Reuven, each interaction with a client is an opportunity to learn more about them, and to make a meaningful difference toward their financial future. Helping investors gain understanding and clarity in their financial matters has always been a rewarding part of the client experience for him.

Sasha He Headshot

Sasha He
Advisor, Wealth Solutions

Sasha is an established wealth management professional whose career includes experience in client relationship management and advisory services.

Having developed an early interest in finance, Sasha earned both a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Masters degree in the field. She joined HSBC in 2010 as a personal banker, quickly growing her role and responsibilities through subsequent promotions up to Private Client Relationship Manager. In this role, she facilitated sophisticated investment and credit solutions for high net worth clients. During her career with HSBC, she earned several performance and service awards and was nominated to HSBC’s Circle of Excellence. Sasha joined the Skyline Wealth team in 2021.

Sasha believes in a “trust first, business next” approach to client relationships. Whether she is speaking with a potential Skyline Wealth client, or a long-time investor, she applies accountability, integrity, and professionalism with each interaction.

Sasha holds a Masters degree in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law from the University of Liverpool, as well as a BBA in Finance from the University of the Fraser Valley.

Mustafa Bukhari HeadshotMustafa Bukhari
National Team Lead, Wealth Solutions

Mustafa is responsible for managing Skyline Wealth’s Advisor team and sourcing new business opportunities to further expand Skyline Wealth’s investor base across Canada.

Mustafa holds a Chartered Investment Manager designation with more than 12 years of experience in the financial services industry. He has worked in Canadian banks, online brokerages, and wealth management firms, and is skilled in investment advisory services.

Mustafa takes a client-centric approach to managing the Advisory team. Having garnered valuable experience in sales and coaching over the course of his career, he has a proven track record of elevating team results when managing large regional territories.

Mustafa has been a long-term sponsor of the Because I am a Girl campaign with Plan Canada which aims to help underprivileged girls build brighter futures and realize their potential. He is also an active participant in sports-related annual charity fundraisers such as JDRF and the Canadian Cancer Society. He is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys teaching his two daughters golf, tennis, and cricket.

Mustafa holds a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies with a Specialization in Finance from the University of Western Ontario.

Ahmad Bajwa Advisor, Wealth SolutionsAhmad Bajwa
Advisor, Wealth Solutions

Ahmad is a seasoned wealth management professional with years of expertise as an investment advisor. In his career, Ahmad has managed various high-net-worth portfolios that emphasize the value of alternative asset classes. He joined the Skyline Wealth team in February 2022 with experience in investment counselling, portfolio management, and holistic retirement planning.

Ahmad’s responsibilities include forging new investor relationships, creating referral sources and programs, and expanding existing investor relationships. His comprehensive understanding of economics and public markets, including stocks, bonds, and alternative asset classes, enables him to communicate to clients the potential benefits of integrating Skyline’s private alternative investment products into their investment portfolios.

Ahmad takes a service-oriented approach to his role, recognizing clients’ needs and assisting them in making the most of their resources to reach their investment goals. He is passionate about helping others and places great importance on establishing trusting relationships with each of his clients.

Ahmad has completed a postgraduate certification program in finance, accounting, and analytics from Harvard Business School. He also has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Western University and industry-specific designations in Portfolio Management Techniques and Advanced Investment Strategies.