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[Guelph, Ontario – March 17, 2022]

The Presidents for Skyline’s four investment products recently provided Q4 2021 video summaries for their respective Funds. Simply click or tap the links below to access these videos.

A brief written summary is also provided below for each video.

Skyline Apartment REIT

The Skyline Apartment REIT portfolio continues to enjoy a high occupancy rate as the demand for rental apartments remains strong in Canada. The REIT will continue to focus on reducing the overall age of the assets within the portfolio with a focus on acquiring new developments. In addition, Skyline Apartment REIT has more than 1,000 new suites under construction with various closing and completion dates per development. The REIT is confident that the new builds will contribute to creating more housing supply to the Canadian marketplace.

Watch Skyline Apartment REIT Q4 2021 Summary Video

Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Skyline Clean Energy Fund continued to see strong performance in Q4 2021. During this quarter, SCEF continued to advance toward a large number of closings already in its pipeline with the goal of creating a runway for new opportunities in 2022. These closings include both solar and biogas assets in the provinces of ON and AB (the latter will be a new province for SCEF, and what its management team believes is a province that has a pivotal role to play in Canada’s clean energy future). SCEF also invested in replacement and maintenance for several assets in its current portfolio to ensure each asset is performing optimally. Additionally, SCEF entered the design stage for the repowering of an additional two assets in Q2 2022 with a goal of increasing cash flow for those assets.

Watch Skyline Apartment REIT Q4 2021 Summary Video

Skyline Commercial REIT

Skyline Commercial REIT is currently in a state of modernizing its portfolio. The commercial real estate industry continues to see unprecedented growth (and underlying rental rate growth) due to the lack of commercial supply currently available in Canada. The REIT is evolving its strategy of acquiring multi-tenant assets to seeking modern, large-scale, single-tenant assets with higher ceiling heights, multi-bay loading areas, and other features attractive for warehousing, distribution, and logistics operations. In August 2021, the first batch of dispositions was completed; the final dispositions will close out in Q2 2022. Skyline Commercial REIT’s unit value1 saw a 30% increase in 2021.

Watch Skyline Apartment REIT Q4 2021 Summary Video

Skyline Retail REIT

Skyline Retail REIT has continued with strong leasing for new spaces. Base rent increases on renewals also remained strong, and new tenants are being onboarded at higher rental rates. In effect, pandemic restrictions have had little to no impact on the REIT in Q4.. Grocery and pharmacy-anchored assets—which are the foundation of the REIT’s acquisition strategy—have become an even more popular asset class in Canadian retail markets in which the REIT holds most of its assets. Looking forward, there are three active construction projects underway that aim to add overall value to the REIT’s portfolio, and an additional three pads will also go under development later in 2022. All of the development taking place is on existing owned land, generally acquired as excess land on previously purchased assets.

Watch Skyline Apartment REIT Q4 2021 Summary Video

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1 There is no active market for this security; the unit value was derived from management estimates using current market assumptions and operating performance.

Ray Punn

Ray Punn

Vice President, Wealth Solutions
Skyline Wealth

is an experienced leader in management across the public and private sectors, including the Financial, Automotive, and Private Equity industries. As Vice President of Skyline Wealth, he leads a comprehensive team of Advisors, and oversees business operations, marketing, investment management, and investor relations. With a deep understanding of how each component of wealth management contributes to an exceptional investor experience, Ray and his teams focus on building long-term partnerships with Skyline Wealth’s valued investors.


Ray is an experienced professional with leadership and management experience in both public and private sectors including the Financial, Automotive, and Private Equity industries. His well-balanced leadership expertise centres on strategic, sustainable growth and profitability, all while bringing exceptional client service.

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