Why invest with Skyline Wealth?

By only offering private alternative investments, Skyline Wealth aims to help its investors enjoy historically stable investment performance while realizing potential tax-efficiency. Each of Skyline’s investment provides an opportunity to invest in institutional real estate or clean energy assets.

Skyline Wealth investors have seen historical stable annualized returns for over a decade.


Historical Investment Performance over the Years1:

1. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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Skyline Awarded for Best Managed Companies - Platinum Member Winner of the Growth List Award in 2020 Skyline Growth 500 Award 2019 Annual Commercial Building Award Winner in Victoria, BC Award Winner for 2019 - Canada's Top Growing Companies

Skyline Investments’ Annualized Returns, as at August 17, 2022

Skyline Apartment REIT Skyline Industrial REIT Skyline Retail REIT Skyline Clean Energy Fund
1 year 15.42%* 43.98% 15.04% 10.17%
3 year 20.37% 31.09% 14.25% 8.46%
5 year 19.07% 24.18% 12.08%  
10 year 16.60% 17.92%    
Inception 14.56% 16.84% 13.18% 8.63%
Date of Inception Jun. 1, 2006 Jan. 10, 2012 Oct. 8, 2013 May 3, 2018

*The annualized return is based on a single unit initial investment in Skyline Apartment REIT inclusive of unit price changes and reinvested distributions as at February 25, 2022.

Who is Skyline Wealth?

Skyline Wealth is the preferred exempt market dealer for four private alternative investments: Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Industrial REIT, Skyline Retail REIT, and Skyline Clean Energy Fund.

Skyline Wealth by the Numbers as at August 1, 2022

    • $3.4+ B in equity under administration
    • 100% Canadian investments, offering an opportunity for capital growth
    • $630+ K average Skyline Wealth holdings per investor
    • 5,400+ Investors
    • 99% advisor satisfaction rate from the 2021 NPS Survey