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Skyline’s Mortgage Investment Trust

June 21, 2018

Similar to a REIT, a Mortgage Investment Trust (MIT) is a financial product that uses pooled capital to purchase a stream of future cash flows. The main difference between the two is how the capital is used. In a REIT the pooled capital is used to purchase and own a tangible asset with the purpose of renting or leasing space to earn rental income from tenants. While a MIT uses the capital to provide financing in the form of mortgages for a variety of real estate projects to earn interest income and collect the outstanding balance of the loan at maturity. Skyline Mortgage Investment Trust (SMIT), similar to a typical MIT, will focus on shorter-term (or bridge financing) mortgages that typically…

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    Skyline's Mortgage Investment Trust
    Similar to a REIT, a Mortgage Investment Trust (MIT) is a financial product that uses pooled capital to purchase a s...
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