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Skyline Clean Energy Fund:
Investing in a Sustainable Clean Future

Join Skyline‘s executives as they discuss how Skyline Clean Energy Fund supplies Canadian communities with clean energy while potentially growing our investor‘s portfolios.


Profile image for Jason CastellanJason Castellan
Chier Executive Officer,
Skyline Group of Companies

Jason has been in the business of purchasing, owning, managing, and financing income-producing real estate for
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nearly 30 years. With knowledge and passion for investment management in both the real estate and clean energy sectors, Jason is widely recognized for both his entrepreneurial achievements and his industry expertise.

Profile image for Rob SteinRob Stein
Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Rob is responsible for the operational and financial performance of Skyline Clean Energy Fund‘s clean energy
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asset portfolio. This includes overseeing acquisitions/dispositions, financial budgets, implementing and monitoring capital expenditure projects, and monitoring the assets‘ functionality.

Profile image for Tyler BaldingTyler Balding
Director, Business Development,
Skyline Energy

As Director of Business Development for Skyline Energy, Tyler will use his wealth of experience in the clean
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energy industry to secure new opportunities for the Fund. Tyler‘s primary focus will be originating and obtaining new renewable energy assets, with a focus on energy storage acquisitions for Skyline Clean Energy Fund.

Profile image for Matt KennedyMatt Kennedy
Associate Director,
Skyline Energy

Matt specializes in researching, evaluating, and acquiring clean energy assets for the Skyline Clean Energy
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Fund portfolio, while also overseeing Anvil Crawler Development Corp.‘s maintenance of existing clean energy assets within the portfolio.

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