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A private mortgage investment trust with a focus on short-term
mortgages and short-term bridge financing mortgages.

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Investment Summary

12-Month Total Return

5% [1]

Minimum Investment


Distributions Paid


Inception Date


Investor Accreditation*


Information Sheet

Skyline Mortgage Investment Trust PDF Product Summary Sheet

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Skyline Mortgage Investment Trust (SMIT) is a private mortgage investment trust with a primary focus on short-term mortgages for revenue-producing multi-residential, office, retail and industrial properties.

Benefit from an experienced award-winning management team and partnership with one of Canada’s strongest private financial institutions, First National Financial LP, acting as the Trust’s exclusive mortgage broker. The objectives of Skyline Mortgage Trust are to provide unitholders with stable and growing cash distributions, payable monthly, from its investment in a diversified portfolio of mortgages.

Investment Highlights

5% 12-Month Total Return [1]

Investment generated from mortgages’ net equity.

Portfolio Diversification

Mortgages across various real estate asset classes and geographic locations.

100% Canadian Real Estate Mortgage Portfolio

You’re investing in stable, 100% Canadian real estate mortgages.

Investment Summary

Launched in 2018, Skyline Mortgage Investment Trust (SMIT) is a private and exclusive mortgage investment trust with a primary focus on short-term mortgages, and a secondary focus on short-term bridge financing mortgages.

SMIT is steered by an award-winning management team that has an impressive track record of consistently delivering stable monthly distributions to its investors. This is a joint venture with First National Financial LP (First National).

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[1] 12-Month Total Return is equal to the annual distribution per unit divided by the current unit value.


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