Skyline Mortgage Investment Trust

Invest in 100% Canadian properties while receiving monthly distributions with a proven track record.

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Annualized Return1

1 Year: 5.29%

Inception: 5.02%
First Deployment of Capital (May 1, 2018)

Historically steady and stable monthly distributions.

When you invest in SMIT, you’re gaining access to a risk-adjusted debt investment opportunity. SMIT can be a great alternative to bonds within the fixed income asset class of an investment portfolio.

Invest in 100% Canadian institutional mortgages, managed by a company with more than 20 years of experience in the Canadian real estate investment industry.

This investment is available to accredited investors and eligible investors.


5.02% Annualized Return Since Inception1

Investment generated from mortgages’ net equity.

$25,000 Minimum Investment

Lower minimum investment threshold than other products offered by Skyline Wealth.

Monthly Interest Payments

Historical track record of stable monthly distributions.

DRIP Eligible

Dividend Re-investment Plan available for Registered accounts.

Registered Fund Eligible

Invest via your RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, etc

Portfolio Diversification

Targeted diversified portfolio of mortgages.

100% Canadian

You’re investing in stable, 100% Canadian real estate mortgages.

No Redemption Fees

No surprise costs or fees upon redemption.

Historically Low Volatility

This private alternative investment is de-correlated from public market volatility.


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Short-term mortgages & bridge financing mortgages (6 month – 3 year terms).

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First National Financial LP acts to source & underwrite mortgages.

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Skyline Management Team inspects asset & evaluates suitability

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Mortgage is added to the SMIT portfolio.

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As mentioned above, Skyline’s investments are all considered private alterative investments and don’t trade on the public markets. Instead, all of Skyline’s investments are purchased within the Exempt Market. As such, investors need to meet certain eligibility requirements to invest with Skyline Wealth.

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[1] The annualized return includes changes in unit price and reinvested distributions since first deployment of capital (May 1, 2018). Back to Content


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