Learn More About the Skyline Clean Energy Fund

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Skyline’s investment portfolio has prided itself in offering 100% Canadian investments that are stable to our investors and is constantly growing to create new opportunities. Our most innovative venture in the portfolio is the Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) which invests in large-scale, energy -producing cash flow projects across Ontario.

Environmental stewardship has always been a mandate across the Skyline Group of Companies and for nearly 15 years management has recognized that “going green” is a win-win decision across all aspects of the company. Going green not only benefits our investors and the bottom line, it also has benefits for our stakeholders, residential and commercial tenants, staff – not to mention the planet. See below for just a few of Skylines Clean Energy Initiatives and Results:

Environmental Initiatives

  • Installed 20 state of the art Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Systems
  • Installed 81 solar rooftop systems at Skyline properties and on Anvil Crawler solar barns
  • Replaced 7,800 shower heads,
  • Installed 30,000 heat reflector panels
  • Replaced 26,00 windows
  • Installed a living green roof at Skyline Head Office in Guelph, ON which was featured on Forbes.com
  • Launched the Illumination Project, a cross Canada lighting retrofit replacing 330,000 bulbs with high efficiency LED’s
  • Educated University Classes on Real Estate Sustainability and gave away 3 scholarships including a sustainability scholarship


  • Made 47 Canadian communities greener
  • Saved enough water to fill 33,100 swimming pools annually
  • Saved enough gas to take 37,500 cars off the road
  • Lighting savings amount to powering 913 homes annually
  • Achieved accretive financial returns through energy / utility savings

In staying true to Skyline’s commitment to sustainability, SCEF was created to invest in projects that generate emissions-free power and solar energy.  The objective for investors is to generate a positive social and environmental impact alongside the potential for attractive financial returns, through the combination of cash-flowing revenues from solar and other alternative assets, and further growth opportunity through the re-investment of that cash flow into other private investment opportunities.

This innovative investment opportunity is truly exciting for Skyline, as we not only believe in providing a sustainable future but are confident to invest in the growth of the industry.

Skyline Wealth is the exclusive investment dealer for five private alternative investment funds, each with historically stable performance since inception: Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Commercial REIT, Skyline Retail REIT, Skyline Clean Energy Fund and SkyDev Bayshore Owen Sound LP.

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